G’day everyone.

The Public Test Server is getting another update, let’s start with the dull stuff.

  • The NSX Tanto is a new carbine designed to handle both close and long range combat when burst fired. We’ll have to wait and see how it handles.
  • Vehicle third person cameras were adjusted.
  • MBT top armor has been renamed Reinforced Flank Armor, it reduces damage to both the top and the rear. The C4 resistance also got a boost, two C4 will drop a tank to burning instead of dead.
  • The empire-specific Sunderer weapons were given some adjustments, but are being shelved.
  • The glowing plants on Hossin will be easier to drive around & over, and Ikanam Bio got some changes.
  • Orbital Strike is back on PTS. Definitely a good sign for anyone that likes blowing shit up with bases *cough*Mountain*cough*.

Alright, now that crap is out of the way we can get to the

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good part. As many of you know, I’ve been bitching about the Implant system since it was released. I’ve adamantly refused to use them, and I express my distaste for the blatant money grab  the developers were forced to implement whenever the opportunity arises; such as right now! Well, that’s coming to an end, because Implants are getting overhauled.

With the new system, Implant packs will be purchasable with either certs or DBC, that much is a given. However, you’ll be able to upgrade the implants directly using ISO-4, a resource gained by breaking down other implants. This means no more RNG hell, where you’re forced to roll hundreds or thousands of times for that one level 5 implant. DBG will also be adding a second implant slot, so hopefully there will be some interesting combinations of powers. All of this by itself sounds pretty good, but the biggest change is the removal of Energy. If you own the implants, you’ll be able to use them whenever, however, and for as long as you want, even if you’re just dicking around doing something unproductive; as if we ever do that, right guys?

It sounds like nothing but roses and sunshine, so let’s bring things back to Earth a little. A change of this scale is sure to come with complications. The sweeping changes mean that old implants will be getting disabled, you’ll be able to dismantle them for ISO-4 to use on the new Implants; same applies to chargers. Speaking of, the suite of Implants are being replaced, although many of the old implants will have an improved analog among the new implants. All of the changes and new ideas will also mean massive balance issues or bugs that need to be reigned in; let’s not kid ourselves, it’s practically guaranteed something is going to implode. But with all of that said, I’m really looking forward to the Implant system finally getting the overhaul it deserved. Now we just have to figure out the juiciest ways to abuse them.


To see more details, check out the Official Patch Notes