I wanted to take the time to send everyone an update on the big switch from enjin to our own site. This is a big step for us and its been a looong time coming.

Our new site is not done but it is close enough for “BETA” launch.. I will put a list of features on the new site together at a diff time. Once we have nailed down the details, we will be updating, and making them obvious to everyone.

With the new site, we also get a new teamspeak. The new TS3 is also not 100% finished but close enough for launch.

The new addy for teamspeak is


Our new Site addy is


I want everyone to know, we have a long way to go and we need everyone to be patient with us. Here is the rundown of how things will go.

1) Teamspeak

Old TS3 is reduced to 10 slots and only has a week left. So the new TS3 is live and you need to use it. Our enjin TS3 module now shows our new TS5 Info. ts.theascended.net

2) Website


Our new site is almost done and we kinda need people using it so we can finish it. We will be making small changes and bug fixes for a while as users hammer it, so be patient.

Here is how the switch is going to go.

Most things will go read only or vanish at www.theascended.enjin.com. Our forums will stay as we are allowed to keep them on a free plan. Over the next month we will eventually make them read only.

All wiki content will be moved over the next 30 days and then it will vanish on our enjin site.

IMPORTANT All user and group images on the enjin site will go away. You have 30 days to save anything you want to keep. After 30 days we make no promises. The new site has personal and group galleries you may use.

Management has a meeting this weekend and we will talk about things we are learning and need to tweek. We cant think of everything without people using the site, with that said. Give us time to discuss how to best teach and show everyone what they can and cant doand how best to make changes.

“Bug fixes and harder changes, if reasonable can and will come with time understand this”.

Any questions direct to apoc on either site or on the new sites support system.

Stay tuned for more info in the following weeks after we have have “beta” tested for a while. We encourage you to use the new site with the understanding that we are working it all out and things will be new for us all while we sort everything.

We have kept costs the same while our options have gone up. Thanks to our members this has never been an issue nor will it ever be. I still want to thank everyone that helps with donations as we make sure it all goes to community costs and future options. We do this for everyone and want everyone to benefit.

I want to thank everyone for all the feedback we are getting and patience..