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    Hello All,

    My name is Jacob though this is my name there are a few others i do recognize as my name a few of these are Jake, James, Asshat, or one my favorites cartman.

    I played wow a couple times some months after it had come out played for about 2 years then stopped, then again when lich king had come out played again for about a year, and now im back at it again to play it with new friends, new content, and to catch up on what i missed.

    Battlenet id: JamesWolf#1980

    this is my current character list

    110, priest

    36, mage

    24, priest

    15, priest

    7 paladin

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    Hey Guys,

    Trying WoW again since I didn’t realize my subscription was still valid until it just renewed for 6 more months. So I got Legion.

    Battle.net tag is: VonLudwig#1589


    VonLudwig level 19 Druid

    Juengling level 100 Warlock



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    Dewindae, the original Dewindae, only the original Dewindae, dont make me play another character please….

    I played something else before Burning Crusade, then I saw the light, and have been a paladin ever since. Mostly a Prot Pally, some times a Holy pally.

    Battle.netID: Dewindae#1622

    110:Blood Elf Prot Pally

    110:Night Elf Resto Druid

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    Hey guys im gt99

    I started playing wow right around the time Warlords of Dranor came out and have been playing off and on from that for my charaters i have

    103-mage blood elf

    30-holy pal blood elf

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