Mechwarrior Online MWO Builds MWO Builds: Stormcrow SRC-D - StreakCrow Build (Gaz)

Build: SCR-D (StreakCrow)
Name: Gaz
Details: Smurfy


Had a long road getting to this build, lots of tweaks and swap outs, and it has two very distinct pro\con items:

Cons: Once the ammo is depleted, you are useless.
Pros: While you have ammo, you are a damage producing machine

Earlier on I swapped in the Prime head unit in order to have a laser backup when the ammo was depleted, then opted to free up the tonnage by putting a TAG unit: that swap out made the effectiveness immediately noticeable in the damage dept.

Why the odd offset of Streak types? Mostly heat management and I put the weapons grouping as follows: [streak4|streak4|streak6] and [streak4|streak6]. In this way, ghost heat is only an issue on the 1st volley if it is an Alpha (or close). Staggering the shots with Group 1, then Group 2 starts the initial offset. Afterwards, the Streak 4 and 6 reload times add an additional offset. To make things better\worse, I’ve added Streak 4 Cool Down level 5. The Streak 4’s are now more offset to the 6’s, striking time is shorter and while the heat builds a bit more, it is manageable. By the time the 3rd-4th volleys are outbound, be moving to a position that allows for a bit of cooldown (Smurfy rates it at 67%) and then get right back in it.

With only 6 points to go, the armor is nearly maxed out. You’re still a target for de-limbing, but you can take a few hits.

All that and a little 48 point Alpha strike makes this a nice Mech to run clean up during the latter half of rounds and 1000+ rounds are possible.