Author: ButtaRock

PTS Update – Balance, a new weapon… oh yeah, and Implants

G’day everyone. The Public Test Server is getting another update, let’s start with the dull stuff. The NSX Tanto is a new carbine designed to handle both close and long range combat when burst fired. We’ll have to wait and see how it handles. Vehicle third person cameras were adjusted. MBT top armor has been renamed Reinforced Flank Armor, it reduces damage to both the top and the rear. The C4 resistance also got a boost, two C4 will drop a tank to burning instead of dead. The empire-specific Sunderer weapons were given some adjustments, but are being shelved....

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New Site & TS3 Launched

I wanted to take the time to send everyone an update on the big switch from enjin to our own site. This is a big step for us and its been a looong time coming. Our new site is not done but it is close enough for “BETA” launch.. I will put a list of features on the new site together at a diff time. Once we have nailed down the details, we will be updating, and making them obvious to everyone. With the new site, we also get a new teamspeak. The new TS3 is also not 100%...

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ARMA III showcase

For those of you that don’t know what ARMA III is we talked about it a bit in the meeting last night. We have a few people who play it. What you see here is a slightly modded versions with modern weapons. The game is a near future...

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