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  • G’day everyone.

    The Public Test Server is getting another update, let’s start with the dull stuff.

    The NSX Tanto is a new carbine designed to handle both close and long range combat when burst fired. We’ll […]

  • I wanted to take the time to send everyone an update on the big switch from enjin to our own site. This is a big step for us and its been a looong time coming.

    Our new site is not done but it is close enough […]

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    Game night is going to be 1/23 with Tribes Ascend.

  • This morning RHS has added the 4 factions to Steam.


    First attempt at the news on the new website. Might be in the wrong place.

  • 13 games to choose from starting on the 13, vote for as many games as you want and see who wins for the 23!


  • Game night will be on 1/23. Polls will open on 1/13 so give me your nominees!

    Post up here

  • Happy New Year TAS!

  • Get on and eat your friends and wish them a Merry Christmas (kwanzaa, whatever) game night is on the 24th. We will have a Hawken cameo 1/1/17.

  • For those of you that don’t know what ARMA III is we talked about it a bit in the meeting last night. We have a few people who play it. What you see here is a slightly modded versions with modern weapons. The g […]

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